LBCC Founder Krystel

Hello, my name is Krystel.

As a fan of morning rides, more commonly known as coffee rides, what I like most of all is the social side of cycling... and the exquisite coffee that comes with it, of course.

Hair in the wind, peloton gossip and the end of ride beers, I dream of smooth asphalt and the golden hour. I love to challenge myself to seemingly unattainable challenges and finally see myself surpass them! A PR excites me as much as a new Le kit.

I can't hide from it, the aesthetic side of my favourite sport also inspires me. Artistic and a bit fashionista, I enjoy the beauty of the riders piercing the air at full speed. I'm the kind of person who contemplates the tanned demarcations of a leg.

I exist for Saturday mornings starting with a combo of the tightening of Boas and oat milk Cortados and ending with a salty high five and a pint of a local lager.