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Mid-Season Sale

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Ice cream cones, French fries and a dinosaur

Henri Do is René

All proceeds will be donated to Make-A-Wish 48-HOUR RIDE

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Mid-Season Sale

Between 15% and 40% off selected items

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Henri Do x TCBR 2022

On June 12, at 6 a.m., Henri will line up at the start line in Whitehorse for, quite possibly, the greatest adventure of his life, the TransCanada Bike Race.

Arc’teryx Montreal and are proud to accompany him throughout the next gruelling, yet enlightening, weeks to come.


The Essentials

There was a time when certain painters decided to take the countryside by storm in order to capture the light. With their oil paintings, the impressionists radically changed the way the world was viewed. is, like many, greatly inspired by the vast palette that makes up these incredible outdoor scenes.


A good gear ratio makes all the difference.

Our Cycling Club moves as a fine-tuned and fluid whole, our movements are tight and smooth.

Below blue skies or grey, we head off down whatever road that calls, with the right gear and the right attitude to get us there.

We journey through different landscapes, revisit the times of great champions, push through heat waves and, much later, brave the first signs of winter’s return.

We live for the satisfaction of physical effort, for free wheeling, for poetic verse and for the mechanic’s deft touch.

With the material as canvas, our design attires you in our spirit and the world we ride through.

It is to share our passion and to wear what we live and feel that we imagined

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Le Braquet Cycling Club

Designed with love in Montréal, Québec, Canada