alex. // LBCC Founder

I feel as if I’ve always been riding a bike. I can’t remember when I actually got on and rode one for the first time. I don’t remember the last time I did either. It was probably yesterday. I feel uncomfortable when I’m not on the bike. Or when I go without it for too long. Everywhere I go, I imagine the feelings I would get if I did the course on a bike.

 My most beautiful memories I owe them to the bike. My greatest friendships were started off when on the bike. And let’s not forget to underline the sufferings induced on a bike. I’ve known some of those too. Probably too much. And moments of grace? Of course, many of them as well. The type of feeling that gets to your head, makes you have faith, in yourself, confidence, it’s the bike that brings me that.

The bike is also a refuge. It hides, masks and puts aside. The moment of an outing, of a moment, it releases and chases away the bad. It helps to take stock, to re-establish order and priorities. Certainties also come to me very often on a bike. I understand better the spaces, the events, the people that make up my environment, my life.

Beautiful, yet crazy ideas? Also on the bike. Moments of serenity, of fullness, the bicycle offers, the time of a pedal stroke or two, the freedom of mind, the necessary let go, to dig a little, to put aside the nonessential and to think about the idea. And the idea comes. Very slowly. Brilliant and appealing. By the way, the idea was always there. The bike simply revealed it. And now, it’s the idea that follows me.

What was I talking about again?


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