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To get the best out of your garment, please consult the following. 

How do I care for my Le garment?
All Le garments use the highest quality performance fabrics and the lightest construction. For any product of this quality, you need to know how to care for it. The way you care for your garment is also a determining factor in its life span.

Close zippers if necessary, turn the garment inside out and make sure that any hook-and-loop fastener tape (Velcro) is secured.

Gentle Hand Wash
Always wash your garment by hand or, at most, inside a protective laundry bag when washing on a delicate cycle. Heavy washing can cause abrasion to the fabrics.

Cold Water
Always use cold water for washing. The water temperature should be 30 degrees or lower, using a fragrance-free, high quality laundry detergent. Absolutely no softeners or bleach. Hot water or the use of softeners will cause discoloration of the material and decomposition of the chamois pad.
Hang Dry
Always hang your garment in a well ventilated area. Bib Shorts should dry inside out to ensure faster drying of the chamois pad. Using a tumble dryer, even at low temperatures, will cause damage to the fabrics and materials and colour fading.

Please Care for Me 

Warning: Failure to follow these instructions may void the product warranty.