For the past 20 years, I've been active in the trade of printing. My field of expression is intaglio, which is a very old copperplate etching technique. It's a slow and repetitive craft that allows reproductions.

Different processes help me to recreate images on the matrix; most of the time they are birds, but where the empty space occupies an important and significant place, as much as the engraved subject. In spite of myself, I have slipped towards this oriental principle by trying to respect the poetry that exists in this precious balance, as well as in the natural beauty of the ephemeral.

Being a cyclist myself, I am delighted to see these birds as a source of inspiration for Le's new Special Collection The Birds, also thinking that their mobility will accompany you.

Paule Mainguy 2020


Inking the matrix Wiping of the ink Matrix ready for printing

Etchings and Prints

Chardonnet jaune

Huppe fasciée