We sat down with Pony at her boutique on St-Hubert in Montreal to get to learn a bit more about the super woman behind the art, her dreams and motivations. Here is how our Q&A went down:

1. What was your creative intent behind this project?
The artwork was created during a very cyclical period for the artist. For several days prior to its creation, the artist was listening to Judy Garland's Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a bit of a hymn to hope. At the same time, the artist regularly watched the tornado scene from the beginning of the film The Wizard of Oz. The tornado in this 1939 classic reminded her of a more recent natural disaster, the one in the film Twister (one of the few VHS tapes in her family’s collection). In fact, it was The Lion KingLittle Rascals and Twister that formed the basis of their film collection. To this day, the artist maintains that: These are the best films ever made! And it's not because I've seen nothing else!

2. How would you describe your experience working with LeBraquet.cc?
I just loved the guys. It was super stimulating and inspiring to work alongside such passionate people.

3. How do you think this project will leave its legacy in the Montreal cycling community?
I think that in the world of sportswear in general, there’s a lack of art. It’s always fun to be able to express your identity through your clothing. I hope this collaboration can do some good for the Montreal cycling community.  Add a little colour and maybe even motivate some people to get on their bikes and get moving.

4. With LeBraquet.cc, you’ve chosen to give a part of the profits from the sale of the products to La Maison Grise de Montréal. What’s so special and significant about your choice of this organization?
The reality of women in vulnerable situations has always been a cause close to my heart. I’m very grateful for the existence of organizations like La Maison Grise de Montréal.