When we look back at the souvenirs of our childhood summers, the memories pass by, not without a slight vagueness. However, the best of them cling to us and under the lens of nostalgia, we scrutinize the details, these, like the rest, are still clear and vivid. Smells, the warmth of the sun on the skin, the reflections of the light on the water, the treetops waving in the wind... It is in the richness of this nostalgia that we have drawn our inspiration, to break the monotony of the off-season and to escape from the dreariness.

The new season is an opportunity for LeBraquet.cc to renew its love for design and colour and to reaffirm its core values of producing quality cycling apparel that combines design and performance. This year, in this alignment of colours sometimes bright, sometimes soft or sober, details and accents stand out in complementary tones. After a few collections exploiting the subtleties of tones, with tone-on-tone proposals, The Essentials Collection for Spring-Summer 2023 is an affirmation of our character and desire to break the monotony by offering the cycling community the opportunity to stand out in colourful ensembles that will be their best ally out on the open road.

While aesthetics is a must in cycling culture, LeBraquet.cc believes that quality time spent on the bike is just as important. Considering every detail in the design process, we offer a versatile collection for cyclists of all levels.