We're on the threshold of fall, and just a few weeks ago, we were still trudging through the fields, facing the wind's enveloping breath in a persistent heat. The humidity seemed to give the air a new density, so we had to redouble our efforts. From now on, the wall of heat gave way to the cascade of milder temperatures. Sometimes an ally, as we seem to be carried along by it, sometimes a pinch in the lungs, suspending our breathing.

Mornings are cool and the vividness of the green gradually fades. The colours and landscapes that were once so vibrant give way to autumnal tones. Yet the light has never been so beautiful, displaying waves of silver and gold. As day falls, still on the bicycle, the season reveals luminous moments reminiscent of Monet's poetic touch or Turner's vaporous spirit. Is this not the perfect way to round off another great cycling season?

This autumn 2023 is an opportunity for LeBraquet.cc to offer our customers products that reflect our love of design and our core values. Those of producing quality cycling apparel that combines design and performance to ensure you can finish the season in style.

While in cycling culture aesthetics is a must, LeBraquet.cc believes that quality time spent on the bike is just as important. With every detail considered in the design process, we offer a versatile collection for cyclists of all abilities.

Welcome to The Essentials Collection for Fall-Winter 2023.