In their forms, Paule Mainguy’s works have inspired us by the sensitivity of their rendering and by the characteristics of her medium, copperplate engraving. It is thanks to a meticulous and methodical work that these beings, synonymous with lightness, are detached from the metal. Ironically, it is in a workshop, surrounded by massive steel presses that Paule Mainguy’s birds are born.


After an unavoidable passage under the rollers, the feathers unfurl on the paper and the bird takes flight. It is also in this strange relationship with the machine that cycling sees the birth and evolution of its greatest champions. Slaves of their mechanical rigs, didn’t the Indurain and Pantani of this world surprise us with performances that gave us the impression that they were floating on the tarmac or defying the principles of gravity?

Then, aren’t birds and cyclists of the same species? They both travel, wander or even ride around in circles? Cyclists and birds are creatures that come together in the spring, in groups, to lean on each other when it comes to braving the wind.

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