René is more than a dinosaur. It is the embodiment of rebirth. It's being reborn. It's being born again, being René.

The legend was born after a regenerating nap in a cemetery in the Outaouais. With a diplodocus tattoo on his arm, Henri fell asleep peacefully, next to Krystel, his long-time sidekick. The duo wakes up a few minutes later. They are both filled with a feeling of revival. A wind of freshness gained them. They are ready to take the road again. It is then that Krystel shouts out: Je suis "renée". The linguistic awkwardness makes them laugh, but also make them reflect; the diplodocus on Henri's arm, why wouldn't he be called René? The rest is history.

From then on, René became a synonym for a second wind, for a new rhythm. After the rain, the sunshine. After the hard times, the rebirth.

Thank you René.