Did you know that Le Braquet Cycling Club offers full design and manufacturing services for all your custom project needs as well?

Well, now you know.

Notable past and recurring customers include the following:
Opération enfant soleil, Shopify.cc, Lareau courtiers d'assurances, Alithya Canada, Séduction.ca, Cycle The North and its Crew, Unifor Québec, Mondou GDPL, the BDC, Oberson, Cycling Avenue, Sports Experts, Les Maloudes CC, Ubisoft Montréal, Mountain Life Media, Demers Beaulne, Sharethrough, Raymond James, Les Morisset, Défi 808 Bonneville, LesLimettesCC...

To get in touch to discuss your project, please contact us at info@lebraquet.cc.

GGRC Sharethrough Oberson Men's Cyclo-défi
Demers Beaulne Oberson Women's Sports Experts Patrick Morin
Oberson Men's Patrick Morin Gran Fondo OES Demers Beaulne
Cycling Avenue Alithya Canada Lareau courtiers d'assurances
Cycle The North Boutiques Séduction.ca CTN Crew LTCC Cycling Club
Oberson Women's GGRC Cycling Avenue Sharethrough
Les Chèvres de Rosemont (2021) Le Club x La Charbonne Mountain Life Media Université de Montréal (B)
Shopify Cycling Club LTCC Cycling Club Boutiques Séduction.ca Cycle The North
Université de Montréal (B) BDC Bloom p/b Cycling Avenue BDC
CTN Crew Les Chèvres de Rosemont (2021) Université de Montréal (A) Le Club x La Charbonne
Bloom p/b Cycling Avenue Université de Montréal (B) Shopify Cycling Club Mountain Life Media
Ubisoft Montréal Les Limettes Défi 808 Mondou GDPL
Les Morisset Mondou GDPL Raymond James Les Chèvres de Rosemont (2020)
Défi 808 Les Morisset Les Maloudes Les Limettes
Les Maloudes Ubisoft Montréal Les Chèvres de Rosemont (2020) Raymond James

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