Unfortunately, accidents can happen, even on the bike. As much as we try to stay safe during rides and workouts, sometimes falls are unavoidable. More often than not, we are fortunate that it is our equipment that suffers the most damage in a fall.

First of all, we are happy to offer a free of charge repair service. Send us images of the damaged products and we will evaluate what our star seamstress can do. If a repair is possible, we will communicate all the necessary information to get the ball rolling.

If the item is damaged beyond repair, we can offer a full crash replacement service, a modest, but effective compensation when your clothing is torn. We will quickly give you a 40% discount on a replacement.

Both services cover a garment that was purchased within the last two years from one of our Retailers or from our online boutique lebraquet.cc.

If your damaged piece is out of stock, the discount will be given on the most recent comparable item available from the current collection.

For more information on how to proceed, please contact us at info@lebraquet.cc.