The Communauté Cycliste Le Braquet Cycling Community wants to be nothing less than a real family on two wheels.

Our motto is "fun, challenges and togetherness"; the experience we offer goes far beyond the sport.

The entire program that is offered to you includes nine summer outings during the season, in addition to several weekly meetings on Mount-Royal.

Here are a few of the many extras included in the experience:

- All included experience. Once the registration is done, we take care of everything else.
All you have to do is pedal!

- One Captain for 7 Cyclists (small groups of 8)

- Several speed/strength groups

- Presence of our photographers Genn C. and Stéph Greg at all the outings, to capture all those great moments

- Post outing events with snacks and refreshments.

Limited to 80 participants. Hurry up!


See you next year,