The days lengthen, little by little, like the road ahead. Gusts of wind, dreariness and snow will soon be memories left here and there as the adventure unfolds. The impatient cyclist sees this as a prelude to escape. During the off-season, he will have loosened his legs, but still within four walls, his wheels forced into inertia. He will have kept his body alert and his senses sharp. When the time comes, he'll open his door and the fresh, floral-scented air will invade the space, and he'll grab his bicycle and ride off into the sunshine, where it's warmer. He'll spin across the land, through the woods and up the mountains, taking with him the dust of the road, the silvery waves of the midday sun and the freshness of the shady road.

For the 2024 season, Le offers designs inspired by the majestic landscapes we pass through on our travels. Both in their sober, neutral tones and in their vibrant, colourful side. These are the product of our love of design, cycling aesthetics and the affirmation of our core values: to produce quality cycling apparel that combines design and performance. The Essentials Collection for Spring/Summer 2024 will give you added comfort and confidence when you're out and about on your bicycle, ensuring that you'll be able to enjoy your favorite sport to the utmost during the summer months.

Aesthetics are an essential part of cycling culture. While we fully embrace this idea, Le believes that quality time spent on the bicycle, well-supported, is just as meaningful. With every detail considered in the design process, we offer a complete collection for cyclists of all levels.